Regina Smith of Gritty Buddha

Interview with Regina Smith, founder of Gritty Buddha


Fave discovery: That the answer is always no unless you ask…and if your ask isn't big enough, it’s on you. I’ve discovered that there’s no sense or joy in playing small and the Universe is ready to conspire with you when you ask for big things that do good.

What inspires you: The possibility for myself and others to reach goals and make a positive impact on our lives and this world beyond what we see as reasonable. My family. Love.

Necessary extravagance: Traveling often to beautiful places, even if I just sneak away for 2 days. My soul shrivels up if I don’t…and big high end watches…

Fave place in the world: It’s a tie between Bellagio, Italy and Monaco.

Fave movies: Midnight in Paris. Casino Royale.

Fave colors: Bright hues of green and turquoise and pinky oranges. I love the colors of the south of France.

Fashion idols: Audrey Hepburn. Diane Keaton. Twiggy.



Underwear: If I’m wearing any, it’s GapBody shorts or lululemon seamless.

T-shirt: Crisp white tees, usually lululemon. They hold up.

Jeans: J Brand.

Day bag: Quelli delle pelle - handmade in Bellagio by a family of generational leather workers or Royal Native because I love the bright prints and sturdiness.

Fave accessory: scarves and my wrist tattoos.

Fave designers: Veronica Beard, Theory,

Fave online shopping site: Gilt

Shoes: Toms

Sneakers: Brooks



Where do you live: Locust Valley, NY

Fave art: Parvez Taj

Luggage: Brics

Pets: Just laid my sweet 11 year old bulldog Bentley to rest

Fave flowers/plants: Cala Lilies

Fave neighborhood spots: Rising Tide, St. Rocco’s Bakery

Fave drinks/cocktails: Anything with whiskey, bourbon or rye and cold brew coffee

Fave snack: Dark chocolate almonds, cornichon pickles

Top 3 TV shows: Suits, White Collar, Fixer Upper

Music to lounge to: Ray Lamontagne, Alexi Murdoch

Fave spot in your home: the shower



Lipstick: Neutrogena Lip Gloss

Mascara: Better than Sex

Moisturizer: Essential Rose Life Rose Gold Face Serum

Perfume: Stress Away or Deep Relief Young Living Essential Oils

Toothpaste: Marvis

Soap: Dove

Can't live without product: mascara

Workout: Yoga

Facial/treatment: Botox


Regina in Bali wearing the Carly Dress and carrying the Cabana Tote