about the brand

Founded in 2013 by Hilary Star de Roy, Royal Native is a New York designed and made label that began with just one style of shorts in wax print and evolved into a more sustainable brand using vintage textiles. 
As Hilary's collection of vintage towels grew, she knew she not only wanted to reimagine these gorgeous terry cloth towels as clothing and bags but that others would want to wear them too. Over the last 2 years vintage sheets and dead stock fabric have also been added to the collection.
Everything is cut and sewn by a family owned factory in the NYC garment district and made in small batches. Many pieces are one of a kind, which adds to the appeal. You will never see yourself coming and going in Royal Native but you will get stopped on the street for sure. 
Royal Native is so much more than a clothing line, it's a whole vibe, an emotion, a favorite vacation spot. It's happiness, authentic, original. Future nostalgia. 

"There is a certain joy that comes from sourcing these vintage textiles that have their own story and past. I've gotten to know so many vintage dealers, thrifters & collectors and I can honestly say they are some of the best people out there!" -Hilary