About the Designer

An interview with designer Hilary Star de Roy

Fave discovery: When I let go of trying to control everything, it all falls into place. Trust in the universe. And the app Afterlight for editing photos.

What inspires you: Artisans all over the globe. Nature. Love.

Necessary extravagance: 8-9 hours of sleep a night, occasional sunbathing

Fave place in the world: Tulum, Palm Springs, Greece, my local beach at sunset with my family

Fave movies: Overboard and Troop Beverly Hills

Fave colors: Super saturated cobalt blue, deep forest green, tomato red

Fashion idols: Jane Birkin, Chloe Sevigny, Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams



Underwear: mostly gapbody with some fancier stuff mixed in that I never wear

T-shirt: old grey American Apparel threadbare tees

Jeans: Madewell or vintage Levi's

Day bag: One of my many Cabana totes or my C.A.B Collection Red Circle Bag

Fave accessory: An escapulario necklace from Brazil for protection

Fave designers: Isabel Marant, Tracy Feith, Alessandro Michelle at Gucci

Fave boutique: I don't have one at the moment but I love shopping a great Flea Market or junk store for hidden treasures.

Fave online shopping site: I love Reformation, Zara and my fave blog lecatch.com. Marlien has the best eye and there are links to all the goods, which is actually dangerous for me. Especially late at night when I'm drinking at my computer.

Shoes: My Sven clogs have been on constant rotation now for 3 years with no sign of slowing down.

Sneakers: I'm a California girl at heart so I have about 7 pairs of Vans. I wear them everywhere. My husband and kids rock them on the regular too. We are a Vans Fam.



Where do you live: A suburb of NYC, in Long Island. I'm back where I grew up and love (almost) everything about raising my kids in the town my husband and I grew up in. We even bought his childhood home from his parents.

Fave art: One of my best friends is a painter and her work is my absolute fave! My kids' art hangs all over the house and it fills my need for the abstract modern works that I love. Nature photography also is a love of mine. I keep meaning to blow up photos of Joshua Tree from our last trip to California.

Sheets: Serena and Lily Spring through Fall and LL Bean flannel in the Winter

Luggage: Dakine rolling suitcases in all different sizes

Pets: Our rescue pup, Kermit. He's a wire hair fox terrier mix and he's an old soul.

Fave flowers/plants: Peonies from our backyard for the two/three weeks they are in bloom. Otherwise I am a total plant lady! I love love love succulents and have pots of them everywhere. Ferns, Philodendrons, Palms, Snake plants. I add crystals and shells and feathers in the soil. I'm a hippie at heart.

Fave restaurants: When we are in Manhattan we go to La Compagnie wine bar, my brother is the chef and the food, wine and atmosphere are amazing. And Takahachi in the East Village for the best sushi ever!

Fave drinks/cocktails: Iced coffee, espresso, Modelo Especial with lime, tequila with jalapeno and fresh citrus

Fave snack: my guacamole with Late July lime chips

Top 3 TV shows: Homeland, Fixer Upper, The Affair

Music to lounge to: all of my parents and grandparents old records. Some faves are Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Simon & Garfunkel; Stan Getz, Jimmy Cliff; Elvis; The Temptations.

Fave spot in your home: My kitchen cooking for my family and my office, where I am inspired and surrounded by African wax everywhere



Lipstick: Nars Risky Business (lip gloss)

Mascara: Diorshow Blackout

Shampoo: Pantene or some health food store volumizing one

Moisturizer: Glossier or Dermalogica

Perfume: Coqui Coqui

Toothpaste: Crest whitening

Soap: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint

Nail polish colors: Essie Lacquered Up (tomato red) in Summer and Essie Tomboy No More or Wicked in the Winter only for toes. No polish on my fingers.

Can't live without product: Dr. Bronner's chap stick in every pocket and next to my bed. Weleda Skin Food for my dry hands. Dr. Gross Glow Pads for my face. I swear they take 5-10 years off overnight. I use once a week.

Workout: Yoga, Vinyasa Flow at Gritty Buddha. Walking my dog. Running on the treadmill with a great playlist. Throw in some lunges and squats and I'm set.