Jennifer Goldman of Essential Rose Life

Interview with Jennifer Goldman of Essential Rose Life


Fave discovery: Vegan Pizza. It’s actually good.

What inspires you: The Law of Attraction—the way the Universe really does bring you what you need. How all of life conspires in the direction of my dreams. Other badass women entrepreneurs who empower themselves, live by their own schedule, and work incredibly hard to make their dreams come true.

Necessary extravagance: Dark chocolate every single day. Is that an extravagance? Going out to nice dinners. Often.  

Fave place in the world: Anywhere in the Mediterranean Region.

Fave colors: Rose Quartz Pink. Gold.

Fashion idols: My grandmother Lillian Hirshleifer—the only 87 year old woman I’ve ever seen wear more Chanel than Karl Lagerfeld.



Underwear: Hanky Pankies

T-shirt: Jbrand

Jeans: Rag and Bone

Day bag: Balenciaga

Fave accessory: Anything that smells good and you can wear on your skin.

Sneakers: Do slip-ons count? If so, Celine.



Where do you live: Port Washington

Fave art: Using decorative elements from nature—gorgeous branches, dream catchers, crystals, plants.

Pets: Puppies

Fave flowers/plants: Rose. Succulents. Desert wildflowers.

Fave neighborhood spots: Yamagucci Restaurant in Port Washington. Seacliff Beach. The drive through Sands Point. The ocean.

Fave drinks/cocktails: Wine

Fave snack: Chocolate chip cookies

Music to lounge to: BONOBO

Fave spot in your home: My office.



Moisturizer: Essential Rose Gold Face Oil. Essential Rose Luxe Woods Body Oil.

Perfume: Essential Oils. Cardamom, Rose Geranium. Love Essential Rose Indulge Mood Oil.

Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste

Soap: Aesop

Can't live without product: Essential Rose Gold Face Serum

Workout: Daily Kundalini Yoga Sadhana. Life changing.

Facial/treatment: First I mist with Essential Rose Sacred Presence Mist. Then I moisturize with Essential Rose Gold Serum. 2x weekly I exfoliate with Essential Rose Goddess Face Exfoliant.


Jennifer wearing the Olivia Top in Bali Babe