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Wary Meyers Scented Candle: Bananas

Wary Meyers Scented Candle: Bananas

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The scent of bananas when they’re at their perfectly ripest- not green, not mushy, but how you’d think bananas smell when you see a picture of a giant bunch of them at a fruit market in the sun-drenched tropics. Or picture you just lopped of a bunch from a banana palm to use as a pillow as you fall asleep on a hot exotic beach. How this translates to your living room is intriguingly unexpected. Its scent is neither food nor fruit, but vibe. 🍌🫠

Adding to its unique quality they’ve included a sheet of 14 different stickers for you to decorate your own jar. These include homages/mashups of some favorite graphic designs- Chiquita, Milton Glaser, Diptyque/Mad Magazine, Supreme, vintage Bahamas Office of Tourism, Maurizio Cattelan, airbrush t-shirt, inflated type, our peacock chairs, rainbows, etc… Peel them off and use one, two, 6, all 14, or stick them on your phone, iPad, water bottle, coffee mug, bike, mirror, locker, fridge, desk, bumper, wherever… Go Bananas!

Carefully crafted batches in their studio in Cumberland, Maine. 6.7 oz. 40 hour burn time.

Wary Meyers candles are made from a blend of premium food grade paraffin (the exact same as what you find on chocolate and cheese), and soy wax. The wick is all cotton.

Their oils are the highest quality phthalates-free fragrances infused with essential oils. Their boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and their glasses are made with recycled glass.

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