New Year: Fresh Start

Happy 2015 Royal Natives!

I don't know about you guys but all I can think about is cleaning, organizing and getting my head on straight again after all the holiday madness. And another thing, I'm trying to use my phone less and as a result get more done instead of losing focus checking Instagram every 10 minutes. Am I the only one that is sitting at my computer with email open and then checks it on their phone also? Please say no!

So back to the point which is that this month (I'm starting small) I am going to clear my workspace and focus on the task at hand. I spent the day on Saturday at my factory in the garment district starting production on Spring's Rockaway Baby collection. I cleaned out all the old fabric, reorganized the shelves and decided on what to recycle and reuse for new Playa zippered pouches and Montauk totes. Not only will the space be more efficient but we are promoting less waste by not throwing awesome leftover fabric away.

Today I purged my home office of papers (shred and recycle) and moved a lot of stock, shipping materials and samples around for easier access. Now when I sit down to write and do research for future collections I can actually concentrate! It is very hard to be inspired when you are surrounded by clutter. Clear your space and the ideas will have room to flow and grow.


Royal Native

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