A note on prints and patterns

It's funny sometimes when I think about my passion for African Wax fabric, as well as Batiks and Hand Blocked Indian prints, considering that I mostly dress in solids with the occasional stripe thrown in for good measure. However and hear me out on this please, the prints themselves when turned into a pair of shorts or a pillow can go with anything especially when your other pieces (a top or a couch let's say) are basic. If I ever take one of those style quizzes I end up "discovering" that I am all of the above: Classic, Minimalist, Bohemian, etc. which makes total sense to me. And the thing is African prints can be all of the above too depending on how you style your outfit or room. When I began creating and designing Royal Native my one goal was to keep the silhouettes as classic and timeless as possible, with minimal bells and whistles and let the prints be the bohemian gypsies. Put your own spin on your Royal Native. And don't forget to send me a pic.


Royal Native

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